Fashion Flirting with “Wait a minute – haven’t I seen these before?”

Yes, yes you have seen these before.  After working for a good portion of the morning, I decided to hit up Value Village, as I haven’t been in forver.  It’s pretty hot in Winnipeg today, but I’m still sufficiently winterized that I feel I need some cover-up.  And the only outfit (I tried on many) that made me happy?  Three items I wore last week.  LAME, Rebecca.

White Sunnies: Brand new today from Silver Lotus
Turquoise Earrings: Handmade by friend Kalina
Silver pendant: Brazilian Silver smith
Cardi: Gap
Tank: Rythym Tank from lululemon athletica
Bracelet: Açaí beads from Brazil
Shorts: Jacob
Flip flops: Havaianas

The trip to VV was largely a bust.  Such is life at VV.  I did find an awesome denim pencil skirt from Banana Republic that I will be wearing as soon as I launder it, and a really awesome black bangle.  The most entertaining part of the shopping experience (I like to take my time when I shop at VV – there’s so much you can overlook if you go too quickly) was when a busload of Hudderite women were dropped off.  They literally rushed the store, floral print matronly dresses aflutter, kercheifed heads seeking new shoes and heaven knows what else.  They were in an out in less than 10 minutes.  Very impressive speed shop, ladies.  Very impressive.

Meanwhile, I am still sore from those damned walking lunges.  And the worst part is that I’ll probably do it all over again tomorrow.  Today I had a cycle and a run planned, but I might just go to yoga.  Possibly I’ll go for a run later, but it is warm enough out that if I don’t run in the morning, it is largely too uncomfortable.  According to my training schedule, however, I need to start running mid-day at least twice a week to acclimatize myself to running the marathon portion of Ironman in the Okanagan Valley during the hottest parts of the afternoon on a long, unsheltered stretch of highway.  Volunteering along that stretch of road last year was brutally hot, and we were just handing out cups of water!

Jordan Rapp, winner of Ironman Canada and Ironman Arizona, at the 30km mark of the marathon portion of IM Canada ’09, dumping a cup of water on his head.

FYI, watching that man compete in this event was the most inspiring thing I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching…  And he’s an incredibly nice dude.  I had the pleasure of meeting him the following day.  Generally I find elite athletes to be a bit … odd socially, but Jordan was just cool.  He had a really terrible accident this year, where a car pulled out onto the highway without checking, and Jordan t-boned the car on his bike.  Since he was on a bike, and he is a fast cyclist, he went flying.  Thankfully, he is recovering and recently updated his tweeps that he went for his first bike ride post accident. This fills me with joy. The triathlon world is a better place with him in it.

Aaaaaand end fan girl squeals.

Anyways.  Must bust it if I am going to make it to yoga on time.  Cheerio and all that jazz.  Hopefully I’ll be able to use my legs in this class unlike the last.


6 thoughts on “Fashion Flirting with “Wait a minute – haven’t I seen these before?”

  1. I hate when I am happiest in what I have already wore that week. It makes me feel so blah. But I am loving that color of blue and the cleanliness of the white lines. Fabulous!

  2. well, i went to a bikram yoga class yesterday. it almost killed me, but i think i am going to go again today. thanks for the advice – i loved the lululemon store here, although it’s a bit expensive. 😉

    • That’s awesome! Bikram is definitely a struggle, but if you stick with it, it feels amazing. lululemon is great – it is expensive, for sure, thankfully the quality of the clothing is up there, so it lasts for a really long time. Since I now longer work there, I still like going back to the store and just hanging out because the feeling in the store is so great.

      Enjoy your class today!

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