Fashion Flirting with dom dom DOMS.

Today’s outfit was completely inspired by Sal at Already Pretty.

Earrings: Desart
Wrap: lululemon athletica (this is the 3rd one)
Oversized Tee: Suzy Sheer
Tights: lululemon athletica
Ring: A jewelery stand downtown
Bracelet: lava beads from Folk Fest
Sandals: Spring Shoes

I am so very sore after yesterday’s workout.  So. Sore.  But, I went to the gym anyways.  I started with a swim, and decided that there needs to be a pool useage instruction manual.  Not the “Shower before entering pool; No open wounds” rules posted on the wall, but a “What to do when you have to share a lane with another swimmer.”


Pick a lane with a swimmer who is swimming at approximately the same speed as you plan on swimming.  No one swims at exactly the same speed, but you can guesstimate.

Be Seen

When you find a lane with another swimmer, wait until they see you before you start your laps.  That way, your lane-mate can swim largely on the right side of the lane so that you can pass each other with ease.

Be Vocal

If someone jumps into a lane with you while you’re swimming and you have only a few left to go, let the other swimmer know how much longer you are planning on swimming.

Be Adaptable

You might go to the pool with a certain swim workout in mind, but the best lane-mate is still oodles faster – or slower – than you are.  Use their workout to shape your own.  If they’re way faster than you are, “sprint” a lap as they swim towards you, then wait until they’re swimming against you again.  You’ll be working on your cardiovascular health, and recovering while you wait.  If your lane-mate is slower, do the same thing, except recover by swimming a slow breast stroke so that your lane-mate can “catch up” to you and you aren’t riding their ass and risk a kick in the face.

Be Patient

There is a limited amount of space in a pool, and getting frustrated because you can’t do the workout you wanted to do.  Adapt your workout as much as you can, and wait for another lane to free up.  It happens… Seriously.

Be Consistent

While no one swims at the same speed, not really, it does no one any good if you slow down in the middle of your lap.  It is better to start slow and finish fast, especially if no one is in front of you.

Stick to the RIGHT Side

Whether or not there is someone in your lane with you, stick to the right.


The only way you can accurately see what’s going on both under, and out of, the water.  Unless you’re planning on backstroke and breast stroke (without submerging) for your entire swim, wear goggles.  Otherwise you will collide with someone or something.

Stroke Carefully

My, that sounds dirty.  Anyways, chose your stroke with care.  Backstroke isn’t the best stroke to chose if you have issues swimming in a straight line (like me).  Breast stroke needs to be modified when passing your lane-mate, otherwise you’ll wind up hitting them.

Don’t Worry so Much

If you accidentally touch your lane-mate, there’s only one thing to do: PANIC.  I’ll bet you that your lane-mate is similarly freaked out.


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