Fashion Flirting with Dressing My Best

The beautiful, intelligent and well dressed ladies of Academichic have created a wonderful week-long challenge of dressing your best.

“What if, instead of dressing to mitigate your so-so, you dressed to highlight the parts of your body that you love most? What if, for a whole week, you committed to self-consciously dressing your best bits?”

I love this so much, I’ve decided to participate.  Today, I dressed for my eyes.  My eyes are my favorite feature.  I lucked into them.  They have bits of shape from my mother and my father.  When I am my healthiest, they are wide, bright, full of life.  My face is very expressive, and that rests with my eyes.  The colour was a surprise to my parents, as they both have brown eyes, and I wound up with wonderful hazel.  They change colour depending on what I’m wearing, and sometimes depending on how I’m feeling.  Bright green and yellow make them brightest, so today was all about that.

Rain jacket: luluelmon athletica
Dress: Cori, from Brazil
Tank top #1: Antidote tank from lululemon athletica; #2: Chirp and Mac and Cheese Y Tank from lululemon athletica
Hat: Out of the Blue
Sunglasses: Street Vendor in New York
Headphones: Grado Si80s
Shoes: Aldo

Antidote is the brightest shade of green I own (and possibly my most favorite colour to come out of lululemon athletica’s designs), and Chirp and Mac and Cheese are two of my favorite shades of yellow.  I find that wearing a lot of black with a bit of green or yellow really makes them pop.

I also decided to apply this to my workout clothing.  Today was all about the blue-green shades of tank tops…  I even wore my blue-green swimming cap.


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