Fashion Flirting whenever it rains … you think of her

KICK ASS!  No, really.  Kick Ass was a very surprisingly feel-good movie.  I was excited for it, but didn’t know what to expect.  I’m glad I didn’t expect anything.  I’m not sure if I’ve gotten nicer, or if movies in general have gotten better, OR if I’ve become more discerning- taste wise, that is- but I’ve seen nothing but movies I’ve enjoyed since Avatar.

1: The “It’s not raining anymore, but still cold out” look
Jacket: Brand: Shoulder.  Purchased in Brazil, stolen from my mother.
Hoodie: Remix lulu Hoodie from lululemon athletica (has the cutest “Love” stitched on the left sleeve)
Tee shirt: American Apparel
Shorts: Jacob
Boots: Knit Uggs

2: The “I’m going to see a movie and want to be warm and casual but somewhat stylish” look
Scarf: Artizia
Wrap: lululemon athletica
Tank: Makenji, from Brazil

3: The “Hello, Cat” self-portrait

4: The “I’m going to see a movie, but it is still raining out so I want to wear my cute rain jacket” look
Jacket: lululemon athletica

Eminem has just released his first single off his new album, Recovery. I was a huge Eminem fan when I was in grade 12 and first year university.  I kind of fell out of Eminem amour after a while.  His style just became so expected and I got a little bored.  Many people love to hate him, but no one can deny that he is a brilliant lyricist, extremely talented and very innovative when he sets his mind to it.

His newest, Not Afraid, and I really like it. The lyrics are brilliant. Eminem does angst and serious subject matter well. Maybe not respectfully, but well.

My absolute favorite thing about Eminem, however is Tori Amos.

“Whenever it rains you think of her.”

Her cover of ’97 Bonnie and Clyde is so wonderful, so creepy, so full of haunting, malicious beauty.  The thing about Strange Little Girls that gets me the most has to do with my brother.  This album was released with several different album covers, all of Tori Amos styled in a different way.  The above, the Satin Worship album cover, was the one both my brother and I purchased because she is so cool on this cover.  It is the best (I think) of them all.

Just today, I found a version of the shirt Tori is wearing. Huz-friggin-zah! And speaking of online shopping, did you know you can design your own Keds? And that it is totally affordable?  I spent a few hours entertaining myself by designing different pairs last night.  Below are the ones I will be buying once I have the funds to spare.



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