Fashion Flirting with my pretend husband and related/unrelated music

I adore Trent Reznor.  Trent Reznor is my future husband.  He’s full of dreamy muscles and angst.  I like me some angst.

His first post-Nine Inch Nails contribution to music is a collaboration with his wife to create How to Destroy Angels. And they have just released their first song to the good people of the internet. And I really, really like it.

I love when I decide all I want to listen to is Nine Inch Nails, and I enter “Nine Inch Nails” into the iTunes search, and Ridley Bent’s Nine Inch Nails always winds up playing and taking me by surprise.

I downloaded this song for two reasons.  The first, because it was entitled “Nine Inch Nails.”  I judge books by the cover, I admit it.  The second is because of Kate Reid, an amazingly talented, hilarious and beautiful musician.  I met her under completely unrelated to music circumstances, and was definitely drawn in by her wicked style (something about the fire-engine red pompador she was rocking at the time).  She mentioned that she was playing in Winnipeg, and I went to see her play and was so impressed.

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