Freakishly monochromatically strong

Post run (a speed workout described thusly: “Although not scientifically proven, this workout will make you tough”) yesterday, I didn’t want to pour my tired body back into a beautiful dress.  Rather, I wanted comfort, something I suspect is not uncommon.  I generally have more than one outfit in a day, not including my workout outfits, and I do this largely because my mood changes from the beginning of the day to the end.

Yesterday, the lovely Sally (who always inspires me with her careful mix of stylish frivolity and common sense) responded to a reader request on how to build a monochromatic look. This was my post-hell run outfit inspiration!

Earrings: Bought in a boutique in Brooklyn in 2007
Scarf: Etan in Paris
Tank: Cool Racer Back in Raspberry from lululemon athletica
Tee: Deep V SS Tee in Potion Purple from lululemon athletica
Sweater: Aritzia
Shorts: Jacob
Shoes: American Eagle for Payless

Most of my life I loathed the colour purple.  Sheer, uncomplicated hatred.  I would never wear the colour.  If I put it on, I felt icky.  And then in February last year I saw the purple sweater from Artizia and I fell head over heels in love.  And I’ve been a purple convert ever since.

I like how the colours in the scarf and the earrings pull together the purples in the sweater, tee and tank.  Those earrings were a “don’t be nervous about the marathon tomorrow” purchase the day before the 2007 NYC Marathon.  Not a good idea to spend a lot of time on your feet the day before the marathon to save your legs, so I spent most of the day watching television, and a bit of time wandering through Brooklyn.  I was staying with a friend of mine who lives in Williamsburg (my favorite part of Brooklyn – I’d live there in a second).  They, the earrings, were the perfect grouping of beads and pearls to go with a dress that I was wearing to a friend’s wedding the next week.  And I haven’t worn them since.  AND I couldn’t even wear them yesterday because my stupid infected ear lobes wouldn’t let me.

Hat: Le Chateau in 2001
Necklace: Reitmans in 2006
Tank top: Running Divas (front: freakishly strong; back: yes i must run)
Jacket: Black Denim Luon Bomber from lululemon athletica
Skirt: Joe Fresh Styles
Flip flops: Havaianas

I’m still not sure if I like this jacket.  I bought it after my friend Jen bought hers (as she also worked at lululemon, winding up with the same clothes wasn’t uncommon among the staff), admiring how she would pull it together.  I like it, and I don’t, but I can’t quite bring myself to divest myself of it.

Likely there will be a second outfit today, as I am going to see The Crazies with a friend of mine ce soir, and am about to leave for my run.  We’ll see what I choose to put on once I exit the shower.

Unrelated to fashion and style- I pose a question.  Why is it that people look a you with disgust when you’re über sweaty at the gym?  I am a TOTAL sweater.  I work hard when I’m working out, but more importantly, my personal cooling system is excellent.  Today as I was givin’ er on the spinning bike, and was easily the sweatiest person at the gym, I got nothing but strange looks from people all over the place.  Why people wouldn’t want to get sweaty at the gym is beyond me- after all, isn’t that why we’ve all come to the gym in the first place?

SWEAT once a day to regenerate your skin.


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