Boobquake & one dress, three ways.

Yesterday was boobquake.  BOOBQUAKE!  I flaunted my cleavage like nobody’s business wearing my favorite tanks from lululemon athletica.  I am wearing head-to-toe lululemon in this picture, the Sequence Tank III and the Hot Class Shorts.  I have the Sequence tank in both black and in Oasis, and I wore both yesterday (alas, I only have this picture).  This is a combination of what I wore out and about and what I wore to Bikram.  I wore the Oasis coloured tank to Bikram, and the black one for the rest of the day.  The short shorts only came out for the Bikram class, I wore a pair of crops and a cardi for the rest of the day.  I got a lot of raised eyebrows from this tank.  Apparently Winnipeggers have forgotten what cleavage looks like.

Sunglasses: Out of the Blue
Dress: A boutique in Ottawa… can’t remember the name of it for the LIFE of me
Necklace: Açaí beads from Brasília
Ring: Yellow Topaz ring my mom gave me for my birthday
Watch: Swatch
Shoes: Arezzo from Brasília

This is the dress that I based my outfit on…  And kind of carried on boobquake for another day.  I bought this dress in Ottawa in 2005, for a sweet deal.  Regularly $350.00, and it was on sale for $50.00.  I’ve worn it here and there, for graduation, to weddings, never casually.

It was originally chilly this morning, so I dressed it down by wearing a jean jacket and belting it.

Jean jacket: Mother’s closet
Belt: Out of the Blue

This was actually my favorite way to wear it today, but it got quite warm in the afternoon, so I swapped out the jacket for a lightweight tencel silk wrap.

Wrap: the Oasis Wrap from lululemon athletica

I bought three of these wrap in different colours (Tequila sunrise, a warm, wonderful coral colour and in black).  I know I’ve gone on about the versatility of so many of my lululemon pieces, and I’m going to say it again regarding this wrap.  It is extremely light, airy and can be easily dressed up and dressed down.  I couldn’t resist it, and it has since become a summer staple for me.

A note on my earlobes.  I was in the process of stretching out my lobes, and it was going very well… Until I accidentally ripped the taper out of both lobes in my sleep.  TMI alert, but I woke up to my pillow being covered in blood, throbbing in my earlobes.  They (my earlobes) are now so swollen that they stick out, and make my forward facing Savasana in yoga uncomfortable.

I think that I might choose not to continue stretching out my lobes once they heal.  Just a thought…

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