In honour of the Icelandic Volcano, I wear lava beads

Yesterday, Sal from Already Pretty mentioned how sometimes the outfits she picks out in her head don’t wind up looking as fabulous on her body as they do in her brain. This happened to me today, and I have to admit, I was a little bummed because my original “Brain” outfit looked amazing, and was exactly the kind of vibe I wanted to give off for a partly-cloudy Saturday.

After taking some picture of what I was planning on wearing, I finally realized I was in denial.  It wasn’t that I couldn’t get a picture that I liked, it was that the outfit looked bad.  So, I changed.

Earrings: Soul Survivors tattoo and piercing parlour
Blazer: Luigi Bertoli (purchased in Brazil)
Tank: Makenji (purchased in Brazil)
Necklace: Bathchain from Silver Lotus and pendant from a Brazilian artisan
Jeans: Jacob
Bracelet: Winnipeg Folk Festival’s The Handmade Village
Watch: Swatch
Shoes: No idea – I stole these from my maternal unit’s closet.  She’s still bitter, and I refuse to give them back.

It is, once again, that time of year where I stretch out my lobes.  I do this once or twice a year, leave them stretched for a few weeks.  I don’t go beyond a 0 gauge so that the lobes can recover really quickly.  Generally, by the time I get around to stretching them out again, my lobes have shrunk back down so that a 16 gauge is a struggle to get through the hole.

A note on the rest of the jewelery I am wearing.  The bracelet I purchased from a local jewelery artist at the Winnipeg Folk Fest.  She had a whole slew of lava rock pieces, and this bracelet was part of her “Folk Fest Special,” ie: affordable.  She actually sold me on the bracelet when she started talking about the properties of lava (mainly that it absorbs any and all negative energy around you).  I’m a sucker for stories that go along with the item I’m buying.  I like to know WHY something was created.  I suspect this is why I like Project Runway so much.

The necklace was the first piece of statement jewelery purchased for me.  Right before I went back to Canada from visiting my parents in Brazil in grade 11, my mom and I popped by the Feira de Lua, an artisan fair that pops up occasionally in and around Brasília (I used to think it was bi-weekly, but I’m no longer certain).  It is such a compelling piece of silver, all twisted with no rhyme or reason behind it.  And it is heavy.  I like to feel the weight of the jewelery I’m wearing.  This is why I love my anatomically correct heart pendant so much.

At some point in time today, I’ll likely replace the blazer with my nameless grey cardigan, as it is cozy and lightweight.  The tank, although you can’t see it in these pictures, is actually a halter with a hood attached in a neat twist of the fabric.  And the shoes, while they look like Birkenstock knock offs, they are encrusted with sparkly little beads that match the sparkly little beads that are interspersed between the lava beads.  I love pulling it all together.

If I ever show up wearing head-to-toe leopard print though, I’ve gone too far, and need to be pulled back from the abyss.


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