Prairie girls are pinked up.

I am a recovering sweat-pantaholic, it is true.  I’m not ashamed to admit it.  Thankfully, the sweat pants I’ve been addicted to aren’t hideous.  Actually, they can be pretty nice.  Today was one of those roll out of bed and into an easy, comfortable outfit kinds of days.

Sunglasses: Out of the Blue
Necklace: Açaí beads from the Hippie Fair in Brasília & anatomical heart pendant with bathchain
Sweater: Vero Moda
Tee shirt: Prairie Girls
Watch: Swatch
Crops: Extend Crops from lululemon athletica
Bag: Parachute tote from lululemon athletica
Shoes: Payless

The plan was to also wear my hot pink sunglasses, but it was a bit much with the beads and the bag.  I haven’t worn my Extend Crops in almost 8 months or so.  I love these crops- I’ve never worked out in them, even though they are “workout” crops.  I am trying to stay away from wearing workout crops as daily-wear, and am making a serious effort to get rid of a lot of the workout clothing I own that I don’t wear to work out in, and doesn’t make sense for me to hold onto now that I don’t have to wear a full-on outfit to work every single day.

I love the tee-shirt I’m wearing.  Prairie Girls is a local design company, and they make slogan tees, pullovers and dresses with prairie specific slogans.

A little dirt never hurt a prairie girl.

Prairie girls are folked up.

Prairie girls are a good catch.

The shirt was designed for, and I bought it to wear to, Folk Fest (the aforementioned highlight of my year) but couldn’t bring myself to wear during the festival.  I suspected that every good little Winnipeg Folk Fester would have purchased that exact shirt, and that everyone would be wearing it.  No one was wearing it, however.  D’oh.  Interestingly to only me, I didn’t buy the bag to use at Folk Fest, but it was my go-to bag.  ACTUALLY, the style of the Parachute Tote, when appropriately held in front of you, across your chest, looks like a sling.  For a baby.  I wound up running into an old friend I hadn’t seen in a year and a bit, and she mistook my bag for a baby.

Awkward.  Heh.

The tape needs to remain for a little bit longer.  I tried to wear a pair of heels yesterday, and it didn’t go too well (or look good).  I look forward to when I don’t have to wear the tape any more…  And then I’ll hit up my local pedicure place.  And wear nothing but sexy and/or delicate shoes for weeks and weeks.

Mr. Fly says: “Don’t be stupid, human.  Wait until your foot heals before wearing those heels.”


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