Friends don’t let friends go rollerblading

Thank you, lululemon athletica for making clothing that lets me dress like this while working out.

Sunglasses: Street Vendor, NYC
Necklace: Açaí beads from Hippie Fair in BSB, bathchain and heart pendant
Bra: Pirouette Bra in Sprinkler from lululemon athletica
Tank:Sheer Delight Tunic in black from lululemon athletica
Skirt: Run: Jog Skirt from lululemon athletica

Seriously?  Rollerblading in a skirt?  How awesome is that?  I love to run in a skirt, but rollerblading in a skirt is way more satisfying.  Like roller derby, but not quite as cool.  I have … a lot of running skirts from lululemon.  This one is probably my favorite, but I also have one that has a plaid print on it, and it is pretty much the cutest thing ever.  I love feeling cute as I get my sweat on.  And let’s face it, there isn’t very much that is cool about rollerblading (friends don’t let friends go rollerblading, remember… unless, of course, you are me and my friends Ams).

There were so many people out and enjoying the sunshine today.  It is gorgeous in Winnipeg right now.  We’re totally blessed with unbelievable weather.  This might be the most beautiful spring we’ve had in a long time.  Just delightful.  But the weather being nice doesn’t even come close to holding a candle to seeing people running, walking, studying and biking in the sunlight.  Patios are packed with large groups of friends enjoying the company and the warmth.

I’m so jazzed about the weather, I could just fly away.  Uh.


3 thoughts on “Friends don’t let friends go rollerblading

  1. Thank you for sharing the great ways that you are sweating it out! lululemon creates components for people to live longer, healthier and more fun lives. It sounds as though your Sheer Delight Tunic and Run: Jog Skirt are accomplishing just that!

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