One shirt, three ways

The theme for today was: Change your outfit often.  I was feeling very passionate about my long sleeved Scoop Neck Pima Cotton tee from lululemon, and didn’t want to take it off.  Pima Cotton, if you’ve yet to experience it, is possibly my favorite fabric.  It definitely beats out cashmere and wool.  I like the feeling of things- of smooth, rough, soft.  I like to run my fingers through my hair when it is clean and smooth.  Often I’ll buy something that doesn’t look very flattering because it has such a wonderful feeling against my skin.  I wanted that softness against my skin today- and I friggin’ love the colour.

Earrings: ‘Plover, an environmental boutique in Halifax
Necklace: Aldo
Top: Scoop Neck LS Tee from lululemon athletica
Blazer: H&M
Skirt: Gap
Shoes: Geox
Purse: Shoulder, Brazilian Brand

This was what I put on first this morning- my “professional look.”  I love that necklace.  I bought the necklace first, and found the matching bangles almost a month later (I’m not wearing them).  I’ve had the skirt for about 8 years, but I always find a reason to wear it.  It has a bit of a kick-flare in the back that is a bit dated, but I still love it.

Sunglasses: Out of the Blue
Wrap: Oasis Wrap from lululemon athletica
Jeans: Jacob

After wearing the moderately more professional look for part of the day, I decided to dress it down a bit, and pull on jeans and a light weight wrap.  I kept the necklace and earrings.  This look worked out for running out to grab lunch and coffee.  And, finally, the weather has suffiiently improved so that a jacket or sweater is becoming less and less required.  Huzzah!

Headwrap: lululemon athletica
Earrings: Handmade by my friend Kailena who lives in Mexico
Dress: Joe Fresh Style
Shoes: Via Uno, a Brazilian Brand

After I went for my run, I was meeting some friends for coffee, before heading to the gym (although, I packed my gym bag and brought it with me, but forgot to include my shoes in the bag, so I wound up going home and doing a circuit with my Swiss ball and yoga mat- not what I wanted to do, but you make do).  I was feeling kind of relaxed and mellow, so I tried to dress to emulate that feeling.  But once I pulled the dress on, all I wanted to do was dress like some 1970s housewife- hence the headwrap, earrings, sunglasses and shoes.  My mother gave me these shoes for Christmas a few years ago, and told me that she wore a pair just like them in the ’70s, so I choose to believe they are evocative of the decade.

Some details of the last outfit:

I wore two other outfits today as well, my running outfit (which was stupid cute- seriously, thank goodness for lululemon and their adorable running and fitness clothing) and what I wore out to see Clash of the Titans.  The Clash of the Titans outfit was almost exactly the same as the last outfit, except I took off the long sleeve tee, and wore a jean jacket and scarf.  It was just as effective.

I suspect that this many outfit changes in one day might mean I have too much time on my hands, but I’m OK with that.  I change my clothes or do my hair when I need a break.  Everyone deals with school and procrastination differently!


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