Layered versatility

I love me some versatility. It dawned on me today that one way to get over my constant re-styling is to wear the most versatile pieces in my closet so that I can change it up with little effort and time during my day.

Look 1:

Earrings: Handmade by Kalina, my buddy from Mexico
Scarf: Etan, Paris
Jacket: My mother’s closet
Purple tee: lululemon athletica
Skirt/Dress: Renew Dirt II Dress from lululemon athletica
Shoes: American Eagle for Payless

Look 2:

Blue/green tee: lululemon athletica
Skirt/Dress (pulled up and worn as a strapless dress under the tees): lululemon athletica
Shoes: American Eagle

Look 3:

Sweater: Brand unknown, purchased at October

I haven’t worn the blue/green shirt (I think the lululemon colour is Oasis… or Mildew… but I can’t quite remember… this is one of the first things I bought from lululemon after I started working there so it is more than 3 years old) in probably 2 years or so.  The purple one, layered on top is a more recent acquisition (Potion purple is the name of THIS colour, FYI).  I bought it because I love the style – and I bought it in black and white as well.  I haven’t worn the shirt in purple until today, although I’ve gotten quite a bit of wear out of the white and black shirts.  It needs to be layered, because it is a very exaggerated v-neck tee.

I also have three of the Renew Dirt dresses because they are AWESOME (the heathered grey and navy, a bright orange (Alarming) and light purple-grey (Magnum) and a black and black dip-dyed).  You can wear them as a skirt, dress or tunic, and it is fully reversible.  The dress is one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe.  I wear them constantly, partly because they are so cute and partly because they are so comfortable.

I’m also really enjoying my AE shoes right now, especially the cork wedge heels.  They were cheap, they are surprisingly comfortable (I can wear those wedges all day without having any discomfort) and they are a colour that go with pretty much everything.  The flats are nothing special, but I like them for kicking around my apartment and just running out to grab coffee.

In other news, I am adoring this blog, New Dress A Day. It makes me want to pull out my sewing machine (the hutch of which is currently hiding my cat’s litter box) and start fixing up some of my own, moderately dated garments to modernize them a wee bit. Everything about the blog appeals to me- the budgeting, the environmentalism, the styling. Being unemployed, and just working on my degree, I’m on more of a budget than I was when I was working. While no longer working in a retail environment helps my shopaholic nature, I long to shop. Thrifting is definitely a way around the budgetary constraints, and redesigning the outfits a way around the dated cuts you often find.

Inspiration, what?


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