Sunny day, sweepin’ the clouds away…

After I stopped working fulltime at work, and started working fulltime at home, I stopped caring about what I was wearing – either at home, or when I would go out.  I didn’t see how it mattered what I wore because I had no one to dress for.  Today, as I was stomping down my personal runway (the sidewalk), it dawned on me that I did have someone to dress for at home: me.

Jacket: jean jacket stolen from my mother, brand unknown
Necklace: Purchased from some random boutique in Montreal
Top: Le Lis Blanc, a Brazilian brand
Skirt: Desart
Purse & shoes: Arezzo, a Brazilian Brand

This is yet another one of those items in my closet that I’ve hardly worn since I purchased it.  I bought this skirt three years ago.  It is made from a double layer of recycled sari, and can be worn reversed, as a dress, as a tunic… It came with an instruction booklet – I love instruction booklets.  I bought it specifically to wear at the Winnipeg Folk Festival that summer, but couldn’t get the time off work to be able to go to the 4 day festival.  I attached some serious resentment to the skirt as a result.  I know I’ve worn it once, and that’s it.

It is super overcast today, and like last Friday I was inspired by the weather.  Today, I tried to dress sunny and cheerful.

Also, meet Mr. Fly, my cat- or as the dude who has been fixing my window calls him, my pudgin.


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