Potato Sack Addage

I don’t think I’ve ever felt so averse to pants, and obsessed with dresses. Not even skirts- they simply won’t do. Dresses.

Sunglasses: Out of the Blue
Earrings: Stolen from my mother’s closet, no idea of brand
Dress: Tessuti, Brazilian Brand
Bracelet: Açai Bead Necklace from the Hippie Fair in Brasília
Jean jacket: Stolen from my mother’s closet, no idea of brand
Purse: Arezzo, Brazilian Brand
Shoes: American Eagle for Payless

The dress comes with the belt. Right before I left the house, I also pulled on a pale grey cashmere scarf. This dress looks like a potato sack with embroidery and beads at the neckline. The colour, the shape- pretty much everything about it with the exception of the fabric, which is cool, soft cotton. Even belted at the waist it still isn’t extremely flattering, although the oversized nature of the dress, as well as the fabric, makes it the perfect summer frock- provided you don’t mind looking a little inflated.

I used to have a Sunday tradition of wearing pearls on Sunday. I’m thinking of starting that up again. It’s good to have little traditions in life, yeah?

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