Fashion Flirt is in the paper, Doubling up on cashmere, lululemon in action

The interview that inspired me to start this blog.

I’m still incredibly entertained by this! I slept over at a friend’s house last night, and when I woke up and emerged from the guest bedroom she slowly spun her computer screen around so that I could see the article online. It was very dramatic. I dissolved into foolish giggles.

Sunglasses: Out of the Blue
Necklace: Heart pendant from Out of the Blue and bathchain from Silver Lotus
Pullover: The Boyfriend Sweater from the Gap
Cardi: Unknown label from October
Jeans: Jacob
Purse: Arezzo, stolen from Mom’s closet
Shoes: Aldo

It has been sunny, but chilly lately.  I have absolutely no desire to wear any kind of a jacket right now.  Doubling up on two soft, lightweight cashmere sweaters is perfect for the weather.  I decided to wear some jeans today, but I’ll be going right back to skirts and dresses soon.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted to wear heels or flats, but I’m glad I went for the flats.  I got rid of a pair of wooden platform heels that would have worked perfectly with this outfit, but they also weighed a lot for footwear, I seem to recall.

This is a full on lululemon athletica outfit.  I own a lot of lululemon, as I mentioned last post.  I have equal amounts chillin’ lululemon as I have technical lululemon.  I love this vest, as it has mesh going in panels down the side, and I also really like sleeveless with a high neck.  The tank underneath, the Movement Tank, has a mesh detail over the decoltage, but I like it best because it fits perfectly over my sports bra (the incomparable Ta Ta Tamer).  I am wearing lululemon’s Technikini, although you can’t see it.  Best workout underwear ever made.  The underwear is wicking, flat seamed and incredibly lightweight.  I’m not wearing my typical running tights, the Empower Crops, as they are in the wash, but the Wunder Under tights are a good replacement.  I have more Wunder Under tights than I likely need, in full length and mid-calf length, in black, grey, heathered blue, and the demin luon (a technical fabric that looks like demin), but they are a staple to my wardobe.

The other most important part of my running wardrobe are my shoes, my classic Vibram Five Fingers.  I love to run “barefoot.”  It is really nice to feel the ground under your feet when you’re running.  It’s actually delicious to feel the difference between grass, gravel and pavement.


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