Drawing from decades

From time to time, I like to let my inner Neve Campbell, circa Party of 5, shine.  An above the knee dress in a slightly dated cut, a pair of indelicate boots, a jean jacket.  I thought her character was so cool, and desperately wanted to be her – either Julia Salinger or Neve Campbell, I wasn’t too picky either way.  My obsession was enhanced on the day I discovered that Miss Campbell and I were born on the same day, a few years apart.  If that didn’t make us soul mates, my 13-year-old mind couldn’t quite figure out what would make us soulmates.

I’m a bit less obsessed now – my love is fickle – but from time to time I find myself leaving the house, and all I can think of is Julia Salinger and the drama llama that was her life on teevee.  Today is one of those days.

Sunglasses: Street Vendor in NYC
Earrings: An artisan at the Harvest Moon Festival in Clearwater, Manitoba
Jean Jacket: Colcci, from the Colcci store in the Patio Mall in Brasília
Necklace: Pendant from Out of the Blue and bath chain from Silver Lotus
Sweater: lululemon athletica
Dress: Soy, from a boutique in Montreal
Bag: lululemon athletica
Shoes: Floral 8-hole Doc Martens purchased in 1996 in Scotland

I love these boots.  I’ve had them for 14 years, and they have gone with me from Scotland to Winnipeg to Brazil to Halifax to Ottawa and back to Winnipeg.  I’d never seen anything quite so cool in my entire life, as I was a black Doc girl to the core, until my parents threw out my battered broken in pair and bought me a brand new shiny pair… And I refused to wear them (this took place from ages 11-14, so my foolishness is somewhat acceptable).  These boots were purchased for me as a gift while in Edinburgh by two of the most generous people I have ever met who weren’t my parents.

Everything about this outfit makes me feel good.  The smock jean jacket is so unique, and the buttons are as big as your face.  The sweater is low in the front and the back, and is incredibly soft against my skin.  The dress is organic linen, and is just about the ultimate basic (casual) little black dress.  The sunglasses are so over the top that they always put a smile on my face, and the lenses are tinted pink.  They- the sunglasses- were also the best part of my most recent Hallowe’en costume.



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