Flirting with fashion, one outfit at a time.

I find that people go through change fairly often, and I am no different.  After a visit home, where a family member was responsible for deleting all of my saved RSS-feeds on my personal laptop, I ventured forth into the world of blogging to rediscover what else is out there.  I had Go Fug Yourself, and Wil Wheaton’s blog, as well as PostSecret, and several friends’ blogs.  To be honest, while I was still reading them, the obsessive checking I used to be partial to had disappeared, only to be replaced with occasional perusal.

I’d lost interest.

For a long time, I didn’t bother saving any new feeds, just randomly checked the blogs I used to worship when the mood struck me.  And then, while reading my Livejournal Friend’s Page (an online journal I rarely update, and use largely to find out what my friends, scattered across the globe, are getting themselves up to), I found a link to Already Pretty and was instantly hooked. Slowly, I started delving into the world of fashion blogging.

And then it was yesterday. Sal, on Already Pretty, had a blog posting about how to wear long skirts. One of her readers, who also writes Future Lint, posted two pictures of how she rocks a long skirt. I took inspiration from one of the looks, and while walking down the street was stopped by the local Free Press, asking if I would be in the StreetStyle feature in the Detour section of the Saturday Edition because they loved what I was wearing, and though I had fantastic style.

Instantly, I decided to begin my own fashion blog. I really enjoy the format of Already Pretty and Future Lint, where they post pictures of themselves and what they wear and why- although, I also really enjoy The Sartorialist, so this might be a combination of the two.

And so it begins.

I’m a Master’s Student at the University of Manitoba, am training for my first Ironman in August. Have a serious problem with ice cream and chocolate, but love those as much as I love to run, love to go to yoga, love to lift weights. I used to work in retail at an athletic apparel store, and am now unemployed until I finish my degree. My biggest fashion influence is my mother (who is also the same size as I am, so we swap clothing often). I have a cat, named Mr. Fly, who is another major influence on my style (anything that doesn’t have cat fur stuck to it goes). I believe in the power of accessories, and that a fantastic shoe can save the world. I also believe in looking good no matter where you are or what you’re doing. I believe that the greatest cosmetic is lip gloss, and that mascara has transformative powers like no other. I believe in having fun, and accepting every compliment with a smile.


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